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The Masters’ Way – Path of Light


The Masters’ Way – Path of Light course is only taught in English at the moment. You need to have a good understanding of the English language, although you don’t have to speak it fluently. 

The Path of Light is a 10-month Self-Mastery Program that will Change your Life. 

The Masters’ Way is a profound spiritual course that guides you to reconnect with your spirit at a deeper level and to come into mastery of your life.

This program is the first of the three levels in The Masters’ Way course. The course was channeled from the Ascended Masters by international spiritual teacher, In’Easa Mabu Ishtar. You can do all levels or just one.

  • This first level Path of Light, is about balancing your masculine energy and teaches you:

  • About who you are and how to connect with the knowledge of your soul;

  • How to work with the energy of the Universe and focus this energy to manifest and create the life your soul wishes to live;

  • To come into the power of your light to manifest your reality on the Earth;

  • About your light and how you have the power to create whatever you want to in your life and how this may affect you.

The Masters’ Way – Path of Light

How will it improve your life?

  • Create a deeper connection to your soul

  • Assist you to receive guidance more easily

  • Open your unique gifts

  • Resolve unbalanced karma to release fear & limitations

  • Resolve parts of you that hold beliefs & patterns that do not serve you

  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others

  • Come into mastery of self

  • The Masters’ Way – Path of Light

    Course structure

    The program will commence 15th of May. Weekly Wednesday evening at 18:30-21:00pm CET (Amsterdam time zone).

    Meeting weekly for 2.5-3 hours for 10 months via online Zoom live. With some scheduled breaks in between.

    Each session includes an opening connection (meditation), sharing and a channeled activation from the Ascended Masters. These sessions are recorded so if you miss a session you can listen back to it later.

    During this course you will learn about your energetic being – the chakras, light body, the Universal matrix, your soul, your monad, how to work with karma, the Universal Laws, light rays of energy, and much more.

    Cost for the year

    • Material costs: €255,-

      Early registration shipping (before 15th of March): between €60,- or late registration shipping (after 15th of March): €108,-

      Student fee: €61,-

      Course fee: €1260,- (€36,- per class)

      Total course costs (excl. shipping costs): €1576,- (incl. GST)

  • Course fees can be paid in full or by 5 installments. Email to discuss other payment plans.

    If you have any questions, please reach out. We can book in a free chat. If you would like to register, please contact me and I will send you a registration form.

    The Masters’ Way – Path of Light
    The Masters’ Way – Path of Light
    The Masters’ Way – Path of Light
    The Masters’ Way – Path of Light

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